Saturday, 18 August 2018

Still on the road, but...

We are still on the road, many things had changed in the last 12 month, we bought a Toyota Land Cruiser, build a trailer for it to carry our two motorcycle is almost dead, after the guy in Thailand crashed into one of our motorcycles, the fixed engine and steering head thread is almost done now, as the engine is a part of the frame on the R1100GS, it starts to be a wobbly adventure just to sit on this bike. Now the subframe is mounted on 3 bolts only and starts to crack again, the front rim is still OK but not perfect straight, sad to see the bike is dying after 225.000Km. I do my best like I always did for this beemer to keep it alive, at some point I have to say goodbye, I will try to ship it to a friend or to find a storage for my ride. I'm not parting it out or sell it! To much emotions for this big baby.
It's a big job and costs us to much now to fix everything, it needs a new motor housing... the time is running and our visa in Canada expires soon. I already sold my 1996 Sportster in Switzerland to have more savings for our trip, it's not enough for a new ride I guess... we will see.
long story short, life is good and we are very busy.